Technology Trainer Tom Peracchio: Geek Speak Made Simple

Man full of ideasStarting as trainer in the Army National Guard, then as a community college instructor, and now as a webmaster and freelance writer, Tom Peracchio has developed a knack of putting complex topics into simple terms, as he likes to call it, geek speak made simple.

Tom's technology training, and role as a trainer, began many years ago as a member of the Army National Guard, where he learned the latest technology, and then trained others. 

Tom Peracchio began actively speaking and writing on both business and technology issues since before the internet was widely used by small business. Exploring PC telecommunications and its role in business lead to Tom's first article for a regional business journal on how the average business could use Computerized Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) as a tool for customer service.

A cool thing Tom did many years ago, as a volunteer for a social services agency, was to take a basic sales seminar and turn it into a different kind of sales seminar. Aimed at people recovering from various issues, trying to get back on their feet, Tom used sales techniques to teach his students how to sell themselves to a prospective employer, and develop rapport with business people.

Tom began teaching Internet and browser basics courses in 1996, and other courses were added as demand increased such as HTML Basics, Graphics and Multimedia, Advanced Web development.  In 2000, the material collected for the shorter individual courses was developed into a more organized program to teach the fundamental knowledge and skills required to work in an Internet technology enabled environment, focusing on the basic knowledge of the roles of a webmaster.

As a community college technology trainer, at three different campuses over a ten year period, Tom instructed many small business owners and managers on business and technology issues. By delivering a high quality product, Tom sustained and expanded his areas of teaching over the years.  His success was illustrated by a very high percentage of repeat students eager to take follow up courses.

Now as a writer and web developer, Tom Peracchio continues his mission to share his experiences with a wide variety of technology users to help them use technology smarter to make their life easier.