Web Developer: Tom Peracchio's Guru 42 Universe

Computer Guy typing codeTom Peracchio started building websites using HTML in notepad back when the web went commercial back in the mid 1990s.

We have come a long way since the simple sites with the animated graphics of the late 1990s, but many of the core concepts remain important.  A overall understanding of basic concepts such as HTML along with other scripting languages such as Javascript and PHP has been useful over the years in troubleshooting website problems.

As a community college instructor Tom worked to define the role of a webmaster in the business world and develop training. As established technology organizations began to offer certifications in webmastering, Tom adapted the individual courses that he taught into a webmaster certificate program.

In a desire to set himself apart as an instructor Tom became a Certified Internet Webmaster Certified Instructor and Master Certified Internet Webmaster Designer. Obtaining those certifications required an extensive knowledge of HTML and various scripting languages, as well as a working knowledge with site management applications such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft Front Page.

Tom taught the Macromedia Dreamweaver Suite using Fireworks as its graphic creation and graphics editing solution. Over the years Tom taught graphics concepts and graphics editing using a wide variety of software, personally using Corel Paint Shop Pro for basic graphic creating and photo editing.

The next generation of tools were website editors like Dreamweaver and Frontpage, to create the framework a lot more quickly, and to make sure all the pages in your website were created in a consistent manner.

As Web design and site management turned from desktop software packages like Dreamweaver and Microsoft Front Page, to web server based content management systems, Tom continued to evolve with the technology.  After using and testing phpWebSite, PostNuke, Xoops, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, as well as a few less popular content management systems, Drupal was chosen as the preferred open-source content management system.

The Guru 42 Universe websites  use the web server based Drupal content management system on a  LAMP server platform (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). The Guru 42 Universe of websites began using Drupal with version 6, but most sites are currently migrating to Drupal 7.

The Guru 42 Universe websites  evolved from the personal lessons learned by Tom Peracchio as a field service technician, systems administrator, and community college instructor. 

The Guru 42 blog discusses technology topics making news.
SmartTechnology.Info targets business professionals and managers in IT decision making. The more technical companion site  ComputerGuru.Net tackles common computer concepts explained in simple terms.